&larr 2009
Nationals 2010

Bethlehem Church, Richmond Hill, NY

Caryl Hock: Coaching JBQ. Novice and A League 10++years. 1st time to Nationals with A League team. NYC and Long Island League Coordinator for JBQ, Novice and A League.
Dr. Jackie Ford: Coaching 10 years in JBQ, Novice and A League. 1st time to nationals with A League team. Outstanding quizzer at Bethlehem Church on National Level Teams.

Brandon Ford, Brian Haimchand, Vincent Okafor
All 3 received the NMA
All first time to nationals as a team.
Brandon Ford Won First Place in the
National One on One Competition in 2008.
Years quizzing: Brandon – 10yrs, Brian - 10yrs, Vincent – 8yrs
All three started in JBQ and advanced to Novice and A League.

Team History
This is this team's first year at nationals.

Most exciting match this season
Northeast Regionals 5/3/2010, won our final match against Manassas A/G that allowed our team to tie for 5th place and eventually received a wild card slot allowing us to participate in Nationals this year. Thank God!

Favorite quiz question Question for 20 pts. Statement and 2 part quotation question. When Republicans complained that the money in the stimulus bill, intended to create jobs, instead went to green golf carts and studies about pig odor, democrats told them to avoid criticism of the way they administer “liberal gifts”. Quote, and give the complete reference for the verse in which Paul says something similar.

Favorite verse from Corinthians Vincent - 2C1:10, Brian – 2C4:18, Brandon – 1C15:52

Tournaments attended this year

Favorite non-quiz related moment this year
Pillow fight at 1am in boys room with Vincent using couch cushions.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Bible Quiz has opened up many conversations to discuss Christ, used for college essay, faith building, improved public speaking, fostered leadership and teamwork skills used in many other areas of life.