&larr 2009
Nationals 2010

Muskogee First A/G, Muskogee, OK

Dan Meddaugh: This is Dan’s first year coaching in TBQ A-League and wished that he had some quizzing experience as a kid. Dan coached last year this same team in Novice. Has coached three years in JBQ, taking a team to JBQ nationals all three years (highest placement was 13th). Dan also wrote the “TBQ Live Match Excel Scoring Sheet” that is on bq.ag.org under the news tab.
Tracy Meddaugh: Coached Muskogee's TBQ Novice team this year.
Mary Meddaugh: 5th grader who took 1st at 2010 Oklahoma Districts Novice One-on-One.

David Meddaugh: 8th Grader. Quizzed last year in Novice. Going for his NMA this year. Last year at TBQ 2009 SC Regionals took first in Individual. In JBQ he attended JBQ Nationals 3 times.
Paul Meddaugh: 6th Grader. He received his NMA this year. Took 4th at Oklahoma Districts this year. Quizzed last year in Novice for league only. In JBQ he attended JBQ Nationals 3 times.
Ryley Nutt: 9th Grader. Quizzed last year in Novice. Going for his NMA this year.

Team History
Last year in Novice the team took 1st in both the “Missouri Classic” and “Owasso Extreme” tournaments. At the 2009 South Central Regionals (without Paul Meddaugh) the team took 2nd. We feel blessed that we get to come to TBQ Nationals this year. This is our first year is A-League and the team has done very well. Thanks to Owasso for letting us quiz (and mentor us) every Monday night. Thanks to Zach Sullivan and Cheri Smith for your Bible Quiz training.

Most exciting match this season
The 2nd round of Regions was with Highpointe from (OKC,OK). Paul fizzed out and David quizzed out giving us 105 with Highpointe with only 80. The match was on Question 19 for the 20 points. Micah Samuelson from Highpointe has a good hit and he gets all of the question read to him. If Micah Samuelson answers it, he will quiz out and we loose the match. Micah Samuelson was the 2nd best quizzers at regions this year. The time started ticking down….. Micah says nothing. Tick,tick………………………………. I’m thinking “Is he going to say something”. Tick,tick…………………………………………………...beep! We won. Now, this is not the way I like to win a match. I the coach wanted to put as the most exciting match was when we beat Breaswood in the playoffs. My quizzers said that the playoff match was a great match but the most exciting match was with Highpointe.

Favorite verse from Corinthians
1 Corinthians 15:57-58 "But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ"

Tournaments attended this year
Gold Cup
Southern Fried Classic
River Classic
Owasso Xtreme

Favorite non-quiz related moment this year
Going to paintball all day.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Knowing the Bible and answering Bible questions at Christian school.