&larr 2009
Nationals 2010

First A/G #1, Lexington, KY
(Note: The two Lexington teams were mixed and matched this entire year, so some of the bio information has been doubled up.)

Karen White: Has coached 11 years. Has attended every year but two years (family health issue prevented me from coming) as either an official, assistant coach or coach.

Rebekah Kelly- 11th grader, has memorized 10 books, third year at Nationals
Nathaniel Winckler-12th grader, has memorized 9 books, second year at Nationals
Billy Laakkonen-10th grader, has memorized 3 books, first year at Nationals
David Smith- 11th grader, has memorized 8 books, first year at Nationals
Victoria Smith-12th grader, has memorized 8 books , first year at Nationals.

Team History
Lexington has sent twelve teams to nationals since 1996. They were also the national champions in 1997. Our team has enjoyed several aspects of Nationals. Playing games in the hallways with other teams. Competition at this level. Touring the different parts of the country. Car rides. But of all the times I've attended two as a coach, two times have stood out. The first being the time we were robbed and everything was stolen from our van. The Bible Quiz Ministry took an offering for our two teams and blessed us with more than enough to buy all that was needed for this trip and the mission trip we were heading to the day after Nationals. We had money left over and we used that to purchase baskets to give to everyone at Nationals when it came to Lexington. We felt so loved during a stressful time. The second time that stood out was the cruise in Seattle. Seeing quizzers enjoy the sunset, some worshiping -some talking, some playing cards.... it was a taste of heaven.

Most exciting match this season
We had different combination's of kids every time, but overtime matches are always exciting. We had several all year.

Favorite contest
My quizzers' favorite contest is when they get to contest on behalf of the other team when an official ruled the other team wrong and we can help defend their answer.

Favorite Question
A mile long question asking which chapters shared section titles.

Favorite verse from Corinthians
1 Cor 12:18
1 Cor 16:14
2 Cor 3:17

Tournaments attended this year
Friendship Classic
Atlanta Open
River Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment this year
This can be something that happened in a church van, in a hotel room, etc.- Our team stayed at a lake house at Regionals it was such a blessing.Other answers from various quizzers: listening to Geddy and Billy quoting in princess voices, hanging with quizzers at Panera, speed boat last year on the Dells, Stone Mountain.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
Witnessing at the UK concession