&larr 2009
Nationals 2010

Dayspring A/G, Bowling Green, OH

Vicky Albrecht
Jeff Albrecht

Ryan Albrecht - captain
Jeremy Albrecht - MMA
Brianna Albrecht - NMA
Marshall Kobylski
Kendall Facer

Team History
We started our TBQ Ministry in the Matthew season of '04 - '05 with the Great Lakes Regional Champion Novice team, which lost only 3 matches throughout the course of that first season. We have had 'A' level teams compete in the past 5 seasons, qualifying for National Competition in the previous 4.

Most exciting match this season
Probably the match against Overland Park KS at the James River Tournament. A great match, back and forth the whole way, which was eventually called due to the time limit.

Favorite contest (weirdest, most clever, etc) Successfully arguing the difference between 'free man' and 'freedman'. Also winning, or successfully rebutting, contests based on grammar rules including: punctuation, double negatives, capitalization, and verb vs. adjective.

Favorite quiz question 20 points S&Q GCA from 2CV. Many questions say that Paul's writings and teachings were true. What was actually true? 1C5:1-2

Favorite verse from Corinthians
1C4:9-13 & 20

Tournaments attended this year
River Classic
River Classic

Favorite non-quiz related moment this year
All the discussion that we've had due to the way questions are worded and through our memorization of the scripture. You would be surprised and shocked at the deep theological issues we create and deal with. Also, the craziness of driving into Philadelphia to run the Rocky steps and eat Philly cheesesteaks....Oh the memories....

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
We go as a team to the Bowling Green Courthouse to read/recite God's Word on the courthouse steps during the week leading up to the National Day of Prayer. We have also been able to apply the scripture in daily life and conversation to great effect.