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Nationals 2010

Bellevue Neighborhood Church, Bellevue, WA

Kevin Gallo: Kevin has been coaching Bible Quiz for over 9 years and last year was his first time coaching a team at Nationals. As a quizzer he attended Nationals Final twice.
Vanessa Borja: This will be Vanessa's second year as assistant coach. She quizzed for 1 year and attended Regionals that year.

Kara Gallo: This will be Kara's third year quizzing and her second time at National Finals.
Sreya Santhosh: Sreya has been quizzing for 3 years. This will be her second year quizzing at National Finals.
Thomas Borja - This is Thomas's third year quizzing. This will be his second year attending National Finals.
Joshua Gallo - This is Joshua's first year quizzing.

Team History
This will be the second time that Bellevue Neighborhood church has attended National Finals.

Tournaments attended this year
Snake River Classic