&larr 2009
Nationals 2010

First A/G, Ashland, AL

Michelle Willis - Head Coach
Niki Hester - Assistant Coach
Natalie Williams - Assistant Coach

Katie Willis - NMA 2009,2010, attended Nationals 2009, Winner of national 1-on-1 challenger division
Abbey Willis
David Willis
Nathan Willis
Josh Hester

Team History
This is our second year with Senior Bible Quiz, 1st year at Nationals. As our children were growing out of JBQ- Daniel and Krystal Mims (Montgomery First, Alabama) were patient and kind enough to share quizzing wisdom and encouragement with both myself and my team. This year, Ashland's JBQ team and our SBQ team were blessed to attend Nationals. I coached both - All things are possible through Him!

We were invited to Nationals as a wild card invitation. Needless to say, it was not in the budget. Our Church body and Community lovingly responded with the most generous donations to get us here. We are so very grateful.

On the way to JBQ Nationals this year, our 13 year old buzzer system was stolen out of our car - along with our library cards, Katie's schoolbooks, lots of God's Word and a box of snotty tissues. We keep our buzzer system in a casserole dish cover :). They left the cash. During the awards ceremony, one of the vendors decided not to have a drawing as he had planned. He BLESSED us with a whole new system! God rocks!

Most Exciting Match This Season
Play off Match at Regionals this year with Snellville, Ga.

Favorite quiz question
Who died?

Favorite non-quiz related moment this year
Broom-ball at Southeast Regionals.

What opportunities has your team had to use Bible Quiz outside of the church?
We always enjoy sharing about Quiz with both believers and unbelievers as we travel. We had a very special moment this summer. We were in Texas and stopped for dinner. We got to know a older gentleman who had just left a Bible class - he started to pick random verses for the kids to quote and he got such an excited and joyous look on his face as he said the words along with the kids. I believe we planted a seed of hope with him about the legacy of Christ and young people. Maybe a new team?