Nationals 2002

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Southeast Region Participants

1st Place Church: Oceanway A/G, Jacksonville, FL Florida
Coaches: Bobby Strickland, Kathy Strickland (assistant)
Team: Chad Crawford
Stacy Strickland
Tyler Landreville
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2nd Place Church: Evangel Community Church, Centerville, GA Texas
Coaches: Mark Gilmer, Mark Childers (assistant), Susan Patt (assistant)
Team: Greg Aikens
Matthew Dykema
Carolina Parr
Sarah Ward
Blake Hoffmeyer
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3rd Place Church: Faith A/G, Orlando, FL Florida
Coaches: Ray Berkey, Angie Berkey (assistant)
Team: Heather Patterson
Michelle Hart
Mia Angelakos
Kyle Heyne
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4th Place Church: Calvary A/G, Dunwoody, GA Georgia
Coaches: John Porter, Seth Sundell (assistant)
Team: Gina Fortunato
Brandon Porter
Joseph Fortunato
Laura Jakstadt
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5th Place Church: First A/G, Fort Myers, FL Florida
Coaches: Kristine Sobkowiak, Robert Sobkowiak (assistant)
Team: Jessica Sobkowiak
Sara Sobkowiak
Brianna Grantham
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