Nationals 1999

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Please submit any photos, video, audio, and written accounts to

We currently have one written account, from Caleb Booth of the second place team from Tulsa, OK.
  • Caleb Booth

  • To view team pictures, go to the participants page, click the region of the team you are looking for and click the camera icon beside their name. Also, there are two teams whose pictures we do not have. Those are for the teams from Meridian and Ocala. If you can supply us with this please let us know. Thanks.

    We have several videos from this National Finals provided by John Angelis.

    The East-West Quiz:

    Kent Piacenti gets a perfect game against Allison Park. One of sixteen he got this year:

    Parts of three other Allison Park matches against East Lansing, Syracuse and Las Vegas: