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Team Schedule For Byesville A/G, Byesville, OH

Round 1: Won against First A/G, New Orleans, LA 160 to 145
Round 2: Lost to Evangel Temple, Decatur, GA 140 to 150
Round 3: Won against Mountain View Christian Assembly, Sandy, UT 170 to 140
Round 4: Won against Maple Grove A/G, Maple Grove, MN 145 to 80
Round 5: Won against Greens Bayou A/G, Houston, TX 215 to 95
Round 6: Won against First A/G, Helena, MT 195 to 25
Round 7: Won against Christian Bible Church, Nashua, NH 150 to 85
Final Four Playoff Round 1: Lost to First A/G, New Orleans, LA
Final Four Playoff Round 2: Won against Ypsilanti A/G, Ypsilanti, MI
Final Four Playoff Round 3: Won against Evangel Temple A/G, Springfield, MO
Playoff Round 1: Won against Evangel Temple, Springfield, MO
Playoff Round 2: Lost to First A/G, New Orleans, LA