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Team Schedule For Byesville A/G, Byesville, OH

Round 1: Lost to First A/G, New Orleans, LA 55 to 160
Round 2: Won against First A/G, Fort Myers, FL 190 to 60
Round 3: Won against First A/G, Tempe, AZ 255 to 110
Round 4: Won against Bethel A/G, Minneapolis, MN 235 to 5
Round 5: Won against Evangel A/G, Wichita, KS 210 to -15
Round 6: Won against Renton A/G, Renton, WA 215 to 130
Round 7: Won against Trinity A/G, Lanham, MD 155 to 125
Playoff: Lost to First A/G, New Orleans, LA
Final Record: 6-1
Final Placement: 2nd