Nationals 1978

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Top Quizzers

The Top Quizzers from the 1978 National Bible Quiz Tournament are listed below. At the time, only the top 7 were announced.
Rank Quizzer/Church Total Pts Avg Pts
1 Ronnie Wright
Evangel Temple A/G, Decatur, GA
665 95.00
2 Greg Kelley
Northridge A/G, Dayton, OH
660 94.29
3 Kari Brodin
Evergreen Christina A/G, Olympia, WA

Sherah Rury
Fletcher A/G, Fletcher, OK
530 75.71
5 Jim Brent
Trinity A/G, Bastrop, LA
495 70.71
6 Rhett Laurens
Evangel Temple A/G, Decatur, GA
475 67.86
7 Mike Cocolin
Pasadena A/G, Pasadena, MD
410 58.57